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The brainchild of two photo enthusiasts (Faisal & Zohaib), eFZee took off in 2007 when the guys met up and formed a photo-art alliance. With a number of recommendations and appreciations from home and abroad, the journey has been tremendous and eF & Zee, right from the very beginning, set a vision to churn out only the very best in photo quality, initially serving their soles exclusively, and jumping on the commercial bandwagon later on. Genres have been diverse, ranging from pure nature and landscapes to portraiture and street photography. Delving deep into the details of wedding and event session photography to plain candids, touching almost everything that exists in the far stretches of the term 'Photography'.

eFZee strictly lives and strives for the quality so expect some real surprises even in the very basic and obvious events. You will love sharing your most cherishing moments with eFZee and we always try our absolute best to make them as lovely and memorable for you as they could ever get.

The galleries and portfolio on this website will keep getting updated, bringing to you more goodness everytime. So please keep visiting.

Your trust makes us proud !

Thank You !

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